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Remote Rig Operations with the Elecraft K3S - using just its USB PORT and a Raspberry PI

LIVE DEMO of remote rig operations for CW using a software CW KEYBOARD, PADDLES and a STRAIGHT KEY at the remote site, as well as VOICE from the REMOTE LOCATION....

The ELECRAFT K3S has its own USB SOUND CARD, it will be used for AUDIO OVER IP and SERIAL COMMANDS over IP

to send and receive audio between the RIG and the REMOTE…


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QRQ CW Transmit Audio Filtering - to reduce drastically your RIG from transmitting RF CW EDGE NOISE Harmonics

Even at 8.3 ms RISE and FALL time, as was used in this test setup,  which is even more than the usual COMMERCIAL RIG's  RAISED COSINE WAVE SHAPE, the amount of CW EDGE NOISE harmonic energy that you will still transmit above and below the actual CW PITCH, when sending at QRQ CW - say at 90 wpm,  is shown here in this Spectrum Analyzer view below:…


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QRQ CW qso'N over Gstreamer - Morse Code "audio OVER ip" using the FLAC Audio Codec

brief demo of what QRQ CW morse code audio tones sound like using the FLAC AUDIO CODEC on Gstreamer Pipelines

NOTE: the QRQ CW AUDIO you are hearing, if what the FLAC encoded CW AUDIO sounds like after decoding it finally on the LAPTOP(Lubuntu 18.04)

the QRQ CW AUDIO stream starts on the LAPTOP goes to the PI over wired Ethernet,…


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QRQ CW over the OGG VORBIS audio codec - LIVE DEMO using Gstreamer TCP "audio OVER ip" scripts

test by sending a QRQ CW test file from TOM's W4BQF famous article:

software CW KEYBOARD by AD5DZ:



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Don't TRUST the ELECRAFT K3S transmit input monitor to accurately represent what is transmitted

here is a brief VIDEO to demo the problem with the K3S transmit input monitor when operating AFCW transmit MODE

brief demo showing the ELECRAFT K3S transmitting QRQ CW in FULL QSK with RX AUDIO between LETTERS...AND while you are listening to the K3S input TRANSMIT audio monitor - it sounds like everything is ok and working well...even…


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