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Morse Code Software Regeneration : Linear verses Exponential keying test

Morse code software regeneration of a previously recorded wave file of a QRQcw qso over iCW.(

The VST PLUGIN doing the…


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Complete Ubuntu Morse Code CW STATION setup - CW Keyboard, Paddles, and Straight Key

Using Linux software , a CW KEYER, iambic paddles, and a straight key are demo'd in this video...all morse code instruments are ready to send cw at any time in "near zero" low latency so there is no lag felt when keying any of these virtual Linux software morse code generators with your actual hardware iambic paddles, or straight key...



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Extreme QRQ CW sending(keying) with the ELECRAFT K3 - 200 wpm with incredible accuracy and performance

Using LINUX MINT 17.3 and some free DSP AUDIO LV2 Linux is possible to get better cw keying on your Elecraft K3 and more versatility by bringing in the ability to use your ST KEY and IAMBIC PADDLES ... while preserving fast QSK full break in.

This is done by using AFCW A2 CW MODE and injecting a CW AUDIO TONE into the…


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Make your own high performance QRQ CW KEYBOARD with the RASPBERRY PI

This video demo's a Raspberry Pi being setup as a high performance morse code cw keyboard that keys a rig with just the analogue audio output sound card of the pi...where the pi's audio output goes to 2 individual audio derived cw keying circuits which in tandem key both the PTT first on the K3 and then the CW JACK on the…


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QRQ CW on the Raspberry PI - demo of WA0EIR's QRQ CW KEYBOARD app - TWQRQ

Brief demo of TWQRQ(by WA0EIR), running on a Raspberry PI2b

- qrq cw sent at 75 wpm, text is from w4bqf's famous article:

for more info and to request the latest beta version of TWQRQ please write…


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QRQ CW on the Raspberry Pi - demo of sending & receiving Morse Code tones over Mumble on iCW

This video demos a - low cpu use - software setup - for sending and receiving morse code over Mumble Voice Chat on iCW using only the single analogue audio output of the Raspberry Pi the bcm2835 alsa sound card(output only)

NOTE: Raspbian Debian Jessie is the OS for this RazPi2b

for the lowest CPU use and…


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QRQ CW(120wpm) over PCMA G.711 CODEC using Ekiga

The ability of the A-law PCMA G.711 audio codec to transmit extreme qrq cw audio tones over the internet, is tested using the SIP VOIP CLIENT Ekiga.

FLdigi sends a text at 120 wpm from TOM's famous qrq cw article:

to the input of Ekiga, and Ekiga is connected to an ECHO REFLECTOR so you can hear your…


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QRQ CW over iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) using LINPHONE

Testing the ability of iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) to transmit and receive morse code audio tones over the internet with low bandwidth used and good packet loss concealment. By itself, this codec does not make for pleasant copy, however, if the received tone is regenerated, the iLBC CODEC seems to provide a highly dependable internet audio stream of full duplex morse code audio notes...for a QSO between 2 or more cw ops over the internet with low latency - and good qsk -…


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Morse Code over SIP voip call: 4 different audio codecs compared for morse tone quality

Using 2 seperate Jitsi voip clients/computers, that were connected to each other over the internet, this video demonstrates the audio quality of the morse code audio tones as they are transmitted from one SIP CLIENT to the other SIP CLIENT over the Session Initiation Protocol / VOIP / internet pathways. 

Codecs tested for morse code audio quality are:

1. iLBC / 8000

2. Silk / 8000

3. G722 /…


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Elecraft K3S qsk qrq performance test from 100 wpm to 60 wpm

A qsk qrq cw performance test for the Elecraft K3S from 100 wpm to 60 wpm....K3S set to FULL QSK, qrq cw mode enabled

RESULTS: at 100 wpm several of the dits were way too short causing harsh audio…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on September 10, 2016 at 8:00am — 11 Comments

TWQRQ : A new software cw keyboard from WA0EIR

WA0EIR has released a beta version of his new software cw keyboard for LINUX called  TWQRQ.

  Here is a short demo of TWQRQ sending a qrq cw file at 75 wpm.

- demo of WA0EIR's new beta software cw keyboard for LINUX - sending a qrq cw file…


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10 Free PCB Design Software


"In this assortment...are...some[of the] best and free PCB design software..."

SEE LINK ABOVE for the full article…


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Ultra PicoKeyer : tips for connecting it to your computer sound card




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Free open source AUDIO REPEATER app

Nice little app; free;  lets you take audio from one sound card and send it to another sound card - with adjustable sample rate and buffer size…


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This video demo's using iambic paddles that are plugged into a spare usb mouse in order to use its left and right buttons, to be activated when you close your iambic key's dit or dah paddle, with AD5DZ 's WebRTC MORSE CPO browser APP. …


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YPLog 's cw keyboard - testing a new qrq cw audio filter to help make YPLog's sidetone sound better

YPLog has one of the best qrq cw keyboards for sending cw at very high speeds (over 70 wpm). Its audio output however, could use some filtering. This video shows 2 different types of audio filters used with YPLog when sending at QRQ levels, a cw text file.

1. first filter is a cw regenerative filter that recreates the original incoming cw notes from REAPER's native apps..

- audio in threshold to trigger a midi note out via REAGATE

- a cw audio note synthesizer keyed by…


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KF7CX designs a new high performance hardware circuit to regenerate QRQ CW from a live audio source or recording.

Joe, KF7CX,  has just released his new circuit design for making your own high performance cw regenerator:  KF7CX QRQ CW RENGERATOR CIRCUIT

 It will take a…


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How to setup the CWirc CW KEYER (plugin) to send morse code with your paddles, bug or key.

CWirc is a LInux plugin for Xchat that was originally designed to send morse code over an irc channel.  

This video shows how to adapt the CWirc plugin in order to use it to send cw with your PADDLES, BUG OR KEY by "keying" the CWirc APP,  and send morse code audio tones to your computer sound card.  You can use if to key your RIG(with an audio derived…


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