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Chuck aa0hw posted a blog post

homebrew QRQ CW 7 Transistor TRF Receiver receiving an AM CW Signal on the LF band at 75Khz @75 wpm

75Khz soundcard SDR QRQ CW TRANSMITTER is built from the RECRI KEYER CW Keyboard - (the AD5DZ CW Keyboard can send directly at 75Khz if your sound card sample rate is set to at least 192Khz)- CW KBD terminal command = cd bin.... ./keyer kbd -grid 17 Transistor TRF AM Receiver is built from the Robert Batey hifi AM detector here:…See More
Jun 7
Chuck aa0hw commented on Chuck aa0hw's blog post QRQ CW AM-SSB soundcard SDR VLF Transmitter & Rohde's AM Detector circuit VLF Receiver - LIVE demo
"Here is another example using the LF BAND at 32Khz to send AM  Modulated CW and receive it using the Rohde's AM Detector circuit plus a 2 transistor amp - to power a speaker for full volume to be heard in the whole room...   brief…"
Jun 3
Chuck aa0hw posted a blog post
May 14
Chuck aa0hw posted a blog post
Apr 24
Steve Steltzer commented on Chuck aa0hw's blog post The Versatility of the AD5DZ CW Keyboard for QRQ CW copy by ear Practice
"That is an amazing program. "
Apr 23
Chuck aa0hw replied to Chuck aa0hw's discussion CW KEYBOARDS from the days of yore
" Morse-A-Keyer CW keyboard"
Apr 20
Chuck aa0hw posted blog posts
Apr 13
Chuck aa0hw commented on Chuck aa0hw's blog post QRQ CW over 100 wpm - tips, techniques and specialized QRQcw GEAR
"Here is another video demo of QRQ CW over 100 WPM -  REMOTE KEYING AN ELECRAFT K3S at 131 wpm few things going on... - testing sending CW at 2.5Khz on the ULF Band using AFCW mode - using a REMOTE RIG OPERATIONs setup on the LAN using an…"
Apr 8

Profile Information

Your Call Sign
How many years have you been performing QRQ CW
about 24 years
What speed do you like to run QRQ CW
between 60 - 110 wpm
Your favorite key, paddle or bug
I have a MERCURY paddle
Your favorite cw keyboard
I like the MICROSOFT COMFORT CURVE 2000 for typing cw
Your favorite cw sending software
FLdigi, YPLog & the AD5DZ software CW Keyboard
Your Rig, Antenna and RF Power
Elecraft K3S, 100 foot each leg of a dipole about 25 feet high
Your QSK preferences
Full QSK
Your favorite headphones or speakers for listening to cw
Closed back headphones
What has been your most effective way of training practice, to copy and send qrq cw
using FABIAN's QRQ app for sending random words and using a variable cassette player to listen to CW TAPES made by FABIAN's EBOOK2CW app


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homebrew QRQ CW 7 Transistor TRF Receiver receiving an AM CW Signal on the LF band at 75Khz @75 wpm

75Khz soundcard SDR QRQ CW TRANSMITTER is built from the RECRI KEYER CW Keyboard - (the AD5DZ CW Keyboard can send directly at 75Khz if your sound card sample rate is set to at least 192Khz)

- CW KBD terminal…


Posted on June 7, 2021 at 1:20pm

test sending CW over IP with the EAC3 codec at Zero Hertz - demod the RX signal with a soundcard SDR


brief test to see how well the EAC3 CODEC can reconstruct the ON /OFF cw element framework of Morse Code from a CW KEYER sending CW at "0" hz

NOTE: test starts out at QRQ speeds, then CW speed goes down to 20wpm, gradually back up again and over 100 wpm, then back down, to give an idea of how this experimental Morse…


Posted on April 13, 2021 at 12:51pm

The Versatility of the AD5DZ CW Keyboard for QRQ CW copy by ear Practice

brief demo of having the AD5DZ CW Keyboard send a text file at 71wpm and then adjusting the KB's many settings to fine tune how the CW sounds for best COPY BY EAR during a QRQ CW training session

Posted on April 13, 2021 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

Comment Wall (40 comments)

At 3:49pm on February 4, 2008, Rick said…
Good site idea and I hope it takes off, I will do my part to generate interest in it........
At 2:44pm on October 5, 2008, Fritz Zwingli said…
Hi Chuck,
many tnx for the kind words.
Congrats on your fb site and hope
to meet you on the air soon.
Vy73 es gd qrq`ing
At 8:16pm on December 15, 2008, Bill Kramer said…
Hi Chuck. Thanks for the warm welcome. I don't know exactly when i'll be up and running from here. I have a few problems to workout first. I'm in a condo on the top floor(3rd) with 220 other units here. I face a courtyard and my balcony can bee seen my many others. This condo has antenna restrictions etc. so i'll have to run in the stealth mode. We will see what happens..Maybe a indoor 40 mtr loop?? Hope to catch you on the air.73's
At 6:10am on May 12, 2009, Patrick Henigin said…
Chuck I am trying to promote CW right here in my own home.
I have ordered parts for an interface as described on page
I think you wrote that page. It looks pretty basic. I am not sure where the positive voltage is applied, or what voltage it is run at. Or is the sound card supposed to supply enough power to run the circuit?
73 Pat N6ZEM
At 8:36am on September 9, 2009, mwm said…
HI Chuck

Tnx for the welcome as well as the back ground info on the CW IRLP project. I hope to meet up with you guys on that mode down the road.

At 1:00pm on November 23, 2009, David Runk said…
Thnks Chuck, got a ways to go on typing but 30-40wpm is FB! to get really serious!!! -73, Dave,aa3ej
At 11:56pm on January 1, 2010, KIT DEAN said…
Hi Chuck,

Yes I am presently training to improve my QRQcw copy. I use JustLearnMorseCode and MRX, as well as converting text lists of the 6800 most common words by means of ebook2cw. ( I can copy 24-27 wpm (using 41-44 wpm letters) using a computer keyboard. I spent the last two days trying to get CWirc and CWCOM to work on Windows and was just about to sign on with QSOnet when I found your site, which may be more what I am looking for. I would like to be able to head copy 36 WPM without error, and would dearly love QRQ at 50-70 wpm.) I was licensed in 1960 as a Novice and then in 1976 as an Advanced, and 1984 as an Extra passing the 20 wpm code test. I let my license lapse as I went back to school and was recently relicensed in January of 2009. I had a Yaseu FT101 and this year acquired two HW16's in anticipation of working more CW,

I downloaded the newest fldgi, Mumble and Wondershare. Thank you for putting the instructions for installation in a couple of places and formats, as this allowed me to setup and configure these software apps. Can you tell me which IRC channels are hosting qrqcw conversations, and if this setup is also used by others to work code on the chat channels.

AC0NR (formerly AA6AS)
At 8:49am on January 2, 2010, KIT DEAN said…
Hi Chuck,
I have not been able to make CWirc work in Windows: it needs to have to be compiled in python or delphi so that the xchat that has been ported to windows can pick it up inside of xchat as a recognizable plugin.

I obtained the 6815 most common words from a website. This is a 'magic number' of words, since it is approximately 95% of all words used. (As you are already well aware) word usage varies depending on whether we are talking about all television scripts, or all novels, or all English usage per the big big Oxford dictionary. But this list should be nearly everything.

I have stayed away from chat rooms since 1994 when it became clear that these were largely unregulated or that there could be harm done to my computer. Because of that, it is somewhat difficult to be aware of the logon procedures etc. So I would really appreciate a really elementary list of how to log on and where to go etc. It seems we could open a IRC channel as #qrqcw_mumble and begin qso'ing. Also, I am lost as to where the main iCW website would be as I only found 11 messages on googlegroups. So I need some pointers.

I got out rufzxp again last night. I am at 46 wpm letters and I think I should just practice for about 2 hours per day. It seems that if I go with faster than 46 wpm letters I miss too much, so it may be my brain is breaking down the communication into dots and dashes. Any advice would be appreciated.

At 2:17pm on January 22, 2010, PP5VX (Bone) said…
Tnx my dear !

I was hamming for the past 35 years, and started at 14 on ham-radio, and 15 on CW...
As you can read (and see...) better on QRZ.

Nice to take part of this wonderful world of CW and QRQ, of course, because, my moto is: "If you have to do something - do well" - Why CW at 15 wpm ? (hi)

See also the "MorseRunner Scores" page at, with my other call: PV5X, in some contests...

73/DX Bone (PP5VX)
Allways QRP... hi
At 9:23pm on January 24, 2010, Bob said…
Many thanks for the welcome in the QRQcw, I'm very honoured.
Still need to learn a bit how-to here.
I hope to meet with all of you on the radiowaves,
Bob, I0QM

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